testgen generates boilerplate code for Fuchsia integration tests.


fx testgen integration_test --component-manifest /path/to/.cml --test-root /src/my/tests

It's recommended to run this tool from the root directory (${FUCHSIA_DIR}) of the Fuchsia checkout.


To generate an integration test for a Fuchsia component use:

# Generate an integration test
fx testgen integration_test \
    --test-root ${FUCHSIA_DIR}/src/my/tests \
    --component-manifest ${FUCHSIA_DIR}/src/my/component/meta/my_component.cml
    --component-gn-label //src/my/component

# Run the test (assumes you have a device & package server running).
fx set core.x64 --with //src/my/tests
fx build
fx test

Double check that --component-gn-label is absolute and is really the correct target label, otherwise the generated test may fail to build, or fail to run when it attempts to launch the component in the test realm.

The generated test should build, run and pass. The generated test root path will contain paths and files similar to ${FUCHSIA_DIR}/tools/testgen/testdata/goldens/integration_test