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The check-licenses tool checks for compliance with Fuchsia's open source policy.

For information regarding Fuchsia's OSS policy, see public documentation at or, for Googlers, http://go/fuchsia-oss-policy.

For information on adding new third party code to Fuchsia, see


  • For policy issues, e.g. regarding compliance, reach out to the contacts listed in the OSS policy docs. Please do not contact the tool owners for legal support.
  • For help resolving common check-licenses errors, see http://go/fuchsia-licenses-playbook.
  • For technical issues with the check-licenses tool, see the OWNERS file.


$ fx build tools/check-licenses:host
$ fx check-licenses


$ fx set <PRODUCT>.<BOARD> --with //tools/check-licenses:tests
$ fx test check-licenses