Reviewed on: 2022-03-22

input_pipeline is a library for creating an input pipeline.

  • For information on the role of an input pipeline in a Fuchsia system, see Input client library.
  • For information on how to integrate this library with a larger Rust program, see integration docs.


To add input to your build, append --with //src/ui/lib/input_pipeline to the fx set invocation.


input_pipeline can be used by depending on the //src/ui/lib/input_pipeline GN target.

input_pipeline is not available in the SDK.


Unit tests for input_pipeline are available in the input_pipeline_lib_tests package.

$ fx test input_pipeline_lib_tests

Run-time Configuration and Debugging

Keymap handler

Change the keymap using the following commands, for example:

ffx config set setui true // only need to run once
ffx setui keyboard --keymap UsQwerty


ffx setui keyboard --help

for more information.

More documentation

See the docs folder.