universe-resolver is a V2 component that implements the Component Resolver FIDL protocol fuchsia.component.resolution.Resolver and exposes this protocol as a resolver capability.

The responsibility of universe-resolver is to resolve URLs to packages that are located in pkgfs or other external sources belonging to the fuchsia.com repo.


The universe-resolver component should only be included in eng builds. Include in your local build with fx set ... --with-base //src/sys/universe-resolver.


To launch this component, include it as a child in the component topology using the URL fuchsia-pkg://fuchsia.com/universe-resolver#meta/full-resolver.cm, and include its exposed resolver capability in an environment.

{% includecode gerrit_repo="fuchsia/fuchsia" gerrit_path="src/sys/universe-resolver/meta/example.cml" region_tag="sample"}


Unit tests are available in the universe-resolver-unittests package. Make sure they are included in your build: fx set ... --with-base //src/sys/universe-resolver:tests.

$ fx test universe-resolver-unittests