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# Copyright 2018 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! After changing this file in any way, always run
# `scripts/download-prebuilt --resolve` to update the zircon.versions file
# with specific instance IDs for each version listed here. CIPD relies on
# the generated zircon.versions file for exactly what to download and for
# content signatures to verify.
$ResolvedVersions zircon.versions
# This tells CIPD to fix up manually deleted files.
$ParanoidMode CheckPresence
# `cipd ensure-file-resolve` fails if this isn't present, though it's useless.
$VerifiedPlatform linux-amd64
# ADSP SST Firmware
@Subdir firmware/intel-adsp-sst
fuchsia_internal/firmware/intel-adsp-sst NC0gy5Ej51GElpWUQXzO6Q1d5hPLV4Z4c1mbhDLuhfcC
# Broadcom BCM4345C4 Firmware
@Subdir firmware/bluetooth/bcm4345c4
fuchsia_internal/firmware/bluetooth/bcm4345c4 git_revision:1e41b7d6f96f09558a36a636de2819068cd71ea0
# FX3 USB Testing Firmware
@Subdir firmware/usb-testing/fx3
fuchsia_internal/firmware/usb-testing/fx3 ywX77St78eCmUF4NXi0rs4l0g7zHXxia_S3bM6n-OVkC
# FX3 USB Flash Programmer Firmware
@Subdir firmware/fx3-flash
fuchsia_internal/firmware/fx3-flash c8whlpMnrQukCMf01_Yyi1F0nHK2g7A5fIwMXcDRyk4C
# FX3 USB Bootloader Firmware
@Subdir firmware/fx3-boot
fuchsia_internal/firmware/fx3-boot pWauzviAyLDgNPkMyKQV-p8N5kCiG5P_QeMVgRZ-pykC
# Mediatek MT7668 Firmware
@Subdir firmware/bluetooth/mt7668
fuchsia_internal/firmware/bluetooth/mt7668 git_revision:ed8b2eb6b877e93afb8a9f9281b93a7b91df0f09