Close a number of handles.


#include <zircon/syscalls.h>

zx_status_t zx_handle_close_many(const zx_handle_t* handles,
                                 size_t num_handles);


zx_handle_close_many() closes a number of handles, causing each underlying object to be reclaimed by the kernel if no other handles to it exist.

If a handle was used in a pending zx_object_wait_one() or a zx_object_wait_many() call, the wait will be aborted.

This operation closes all handles presented to it, even if one or more of the handles is duplicate or invalid.

It is not an error to close the special “never a valid handle” ZX_HANDLE_INVALID, similar to free(NULL) being a valid call.

Closing the last handle to a peered object using zx_handle_close_many() can affect the state of the object's peer (if any). See also peered-objects.



Return value

zx_handle_close_many() returns ZX_OK on success.


ZX_ERR_BAD_HANDLE One of the handles isn't a valid handle, or the same handle is present multiple times.

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