Build Workstation

Workstation (workstation_eng) is an open source reference design for Fuchsia. Workstation is not a consumer-oriented product. Workstation is a tool for developers and enthusiasts to explore Fuchsia and experiment with evolving concepts and features.

Workstation does not come with strong security, privacy, or robustness guarantees. Bugs and rapid changes are expected – to help improve Fuchsia, please file bugs and send feedback.

Get started with Workstation

To get started with Workstation, you need to be familiar with how to get the Fuchsia source code, build Fuchsia images, and run Fuchsia on a device or emulator – the instructions in this section are based on the Get started with Fuchsia flow.

Workstation is designed to be used with an Intel NUC or the Fuchsia emulator (FEMU).