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// Copyright 2016 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/media/audio/audio_core/mixer/mixer.h"
#include "lib/media/cpp/timeline_rate.h"
#include "src/lib/fxl/logging.h"
#include "src/media/audio/audio_core/mixer/linear_sampler.h"
#include "src/media/audio/audio_core/mixer/no_op.h"
#include "src/media/audio/audio_core/mixer/point_sampler.h"
namespace media::audio {
constexpr uint32_t Mixer::FRAC_ONE;
constexpr uint32_t Mixer::FRAC_MASK;
constexpr uint32_t Bookkeeping::kScaleArrLen;
Mixer::~Mixer() = default;
Mixer::Mixer(uint32_t pos_filter_width, uint32_t neg_filter_width)
: pos_filter_width_(pos_filter_width), neg_filter_width_(neg_filter_width) {}
// Select an appropriate instance of a mixer based on the user-specified
// resampler type, else by the properties of source/destination formats.
// With 'resampler', users indicate which resampler they require. If not
// specified, or if Resampler::Default, the existing selection algorithm is
// used. Note that requiring a specific resampler may cause Mixer::Select() to
// fail (i.e. return nullptr), even in cases where 'Default' would succeed.
std::unique_ptr<Mixer> Mixer::Select(const fuchsia::media::AudioStreamType& src_format,
const fuchsia::media::AudioStreamType& dest_format,
Resampler resampler) {
// If user specified a particular Resampler, directly select it.
switch (resampler) {
case Resampler::SampleAndHold:
return mixer::PointSampler::Select(src_format, dest_format);
case Resampler::LinearInterpolation:
return mixer::LinearSampler::Select(src_format, dest_format);
// Otherwise (if Default), continue onward.
case Resampler::Default:
// If source sample rate is an integer multiple of destination sample rate,
// just use point sampler. Otherwise, use linear as a quality-cost compromise.
TimelineRate src_to_dest(src_format.frames_per_second, dest_format.frames_per_second);
if (src_to_dest.reference_delta() == 1) {
return mixer::PointSampler::Select(src_format, dest_format);
} else {
return mixer::LinearSampler::Select(src_format, dest_format);
} // namespace media::audio