Time Zone Version Parrot

The TZ Version Parrot simply announces the release version (e.g. 2015d, 2019a) of the ICU time zone data that it loaded.


  • Display the version of time zone from the icudtl.dat monolithic file:

    fx shell "run fuchsia-pkg://fuchsia.com/tz_version_parrot#meta/tz_version_parrot.cmx"

    Sample output:

    Squawk! TZ version (from  icudtl.dat) is:
  • Display the version of time zone from time zone .res files, if available:

    fx shell "run fuchsia-pkg://fuchsia.com/tz_version_parrot#meta/tz_version_parrot_with_tzdata.cmx"

Config data

In order for tz_version_parrot_with_tzdata.cmx, which attempts to load .res files, to work, the product being built must include those resource files using a config_data GN rule that places them in the expected location (see kTzdataDir in main.cc).

The actual .res files live in //third_party/icu/tzres.


To smoke-test the icudtl.dat case, run

fx run-test tz_version_parrot_test