Each repository in the system has a set of owners. These are tracked in files all aptly named OWNERS. One of these will always be present in the root of a repository. Many directories will have their own OWNERS files.


Each file lists a number of individuals (via their email address) who are familiar with and can provide code review for the contents of that directory. We strive to always have at least two individuals in a given file. Anything with just one is either too fine grained to deserve its own, or is in need of someone else to learn enough about the code to feel comfortable approving changes to it or answering questions about it.


Eventually, Fuchsia will require changes to have an OWNERS +2 review.

For now, this is not required, and many OWNERS files contain a * allowing anyone to provide such a +2.


INTK-108 tracks the work to stand up more infra tooling around these, such as suggesting reviewers automatically in Gerrit.


We use the Gerrit find-owners plugin file format for our OWNERS files.