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Overnet - Fuchsia Overlay Network

Overnet is a suite of protocols, libraries and binaries that provide routed and structured overlay networking to Fuchsia.

Overnet provides a mesh network that sits atop other protocols, such as traditional networking stacks and provides message routing.

The Overnet implementation is intended to be portable - that is it can be built on a wide variety of operating systems and provides cross-system connectivity.

Getting Started

Users wishing to establish a host-target Overnet network are best serviced using the fx overnet tool. The process is as follows:

  • Start fx ascendd. Ascendd provides the host “Overnet node”.
  • Start fx overnet. This creates a host-pipe connection between the host ascendd and the current fx target device.
  • Run an Overnet program, for example: fx onet list-peers.

Tools and Libraries

In the subtree, users will find the following items:


There are two examples available:

  • echo a simple echo server and client.
  • interface_passing an example demonstrating sub-protocol routing (handle passing).


core is the central implementation of Overnet providing facilities for programs operating either/both as server or client. The implementation defines the protocols for routing, secure transport, service discovery and many other features.

hoist provides a set of portability shims that when used enable a single code base to be usable in both a Fuchsia environment, as well as a Unix style environment (wherever the underlying IO reactor primitives operate). Hoist abstracts over service connections.


Overnetstack is a Fuchsia component that hosts Overnet service routing on a Fuchsia device. It also implements node and service discovery via mDNS.


ascendd The ascend daemon is a host (Unix/POSIX) program that provides Overnet node capabilities on a non-Fuchsia system. It binds to a Unix socket that Overnet client programs can use to establish Overnet connections, and both export and consume Overnet services.

onet The onet tool is a debugging tool for Overnet that performs a variety *of functions, such as enumerating an Overnet network. It also provides a *connection proxying facility that can be used in concert with ascendd to *establish a connection between ascendd and a Fuchsia target device.