Contains integration tests to ensure that Chromium is compatible with Fuchsia.

Build the test

$ fx set <product>.<arch> --with //src/chromium/web_runner_tests:tests
$ fx build

Run the test

Remember to kill a running Scenic before starting the test. In particular, the pixel tests must be run on a product without a graphical interface, such as core. (If the zircon console is running, you don't need to do this.)

$ fx shell killall scenic.cmx

To run all the tests, use this fx invocation:

$ fx test web_runner_tests

To run individual test suites, use these fx invocations:

fx test web_runner_tests -t -- --gtest_filter="WebRunnerIntegrationTest.*"
fx test web_runner_tests -t -- --gtest_filter="WebRunnerPixelTest.*"
fx test web_runner_tests -t -- --gtest_filter="WebPixelTest.*"

For more information about the individual tests, see their respective file comments.