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  3. common-00000000.json

SDK schemata

This directory contains externally published JSON schemata.

The rule of thumb is that if external tools need to validate JSON against the schema (such schemata are typically versioned), the schema belongs in this directory.

The schema files contained in this directory end up on


The versioning rules are simple:

  1. Use a randomly generated 8 hex digit suffix in both the schama ID and its file name.
  2. Create a new copy with a fresh version whenever making an incompatible schema change such as adding a new required field.


hardware-f6f47515.json schema file has an ID of "".


Each significant effort, such as Modular SDK, should allocate a sub-directory to house its schemata.

Common definitions

Keep common definitions private to your projects unless they can actually be shared across multiple efforts. In that case, add them to common-00000000.json. Please avoid making incompatible changes to this file as it would lead to either a proliferation of versions or cascading updates to files depending on common definitions.