Inspect integration tester

A module that runs integration tests on the Dart Inspect library.

Running the test

Assumes you already have an existing Fuchsia checkout and have set-up your hardware.

This will briefly launch the mod, push some buttons via flutter driver, then exit.

  1. Run “core” so the test driver can set up its own UI.

    fx set core.chromebook-x64 --with '//topaz/bundles:buildbot' \
    --with //bundles:kitchen_sink \
    --with //topaz/public/dart/fuchsia_inspect/test/inspect_flutter_integration_tester:inspect_dart_integration_test_driver \
    --with //topaz/public/dart/fuchsia_inspect/test/inspect_flutter_integration_tester:inspect_flutter_integration_tester
  2. Do a fresh build.

    fx build
  3. Connect and turn on the desired device. Serve to hardware.

    fx serve
  4. Run the test

    fx run-test inspect_dart_integration_test_driver