Dart Inspect Library

Reviewed on: 2019-07-25

Inspect is a library for exposing structured trees of a component's internal state. More can be read about inspect here.


This library can be added to projects by including the //sdk/dart/fuchsia_inspect GN target and importing the package:fuchsia_inspect/inspect.dart package. Inspect is also available in the SDK.

Documentation on the Inspect API is available here.

Inspect data may be discovered and retrieved with iquery.


Unit tests for Inspect are available in the fuchsia_inspect_package_unittests package. This includes tests from the test/inspect and test/vmo directories. To run these tests, include --with //sdk/dart:tests in the fx set invocation and run the following command:

$ fx build && fx run-host-tests fuchsia_inspect_package_unittests

Integration tests are available in the test/inspect_flutter_integration_tester and test/integration directories. The former has more documentation here. The latter may be run with the fx set invocation described above and the following command:

$ fx run-test dart_inspect_vmo_test

Source layout

Public members of the library are exposed in lib/inspect.dart. Private implementations are in lib/src/*. Unit and integration tests may be found in test/*.