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Hello World Components

This directory contains simple components to show how components are built, run, and tested in the system.


If these components are not present in your build, they can be added by appending --with //examples to your fx set command:

$ fx set core.x64 --with //examples --with //examples:tests
$ fx build

If you do not already have one running, start a package server so the example components can be resolved from your device:

$ fx serve


To run one of the example components defined here, provide the full component URL to run:

  • C++

    $ ffx component run 'fuchsia-pkg://'
  • Rust

    $ ffx component run 'fuchsia-pkg://'


To run one of the test components defined here, provide the package name to fx test:

  • C++

    $ fx test hello-world-cpp-unittests
  • Rust

    $ fx test hello-world-rust-tests