Date: December 9, 2021

Version: F4


The following updates have been implemented for Fuchsia:

Graphics performance

Flutter frame scheduling improvements for improved frame-rate.

Graphics quality

Improved rendering quality for WebGL games by enabling 8x Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA) in Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine (ANGLE).

Flutter on Fuchsia

Re-implemented graphics and touch handling for Flutter, improving performance and fixing several bugs around swipe gestures.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved for Fuchsia:

WLAN policy

Issue: Scans that are canceled part of the way through due to SoftAP startup or Connection attempt return a distinct error code rather than INTERNAL_ERROR.
Impact: Reduced time to get scan results when a SoftAP is being started.

Issue: Policy tries to disconnect and connect when the developer is in the process of reconnecting.
Impact: After being disconnected for certain types of disconnections, reduced reconnection time from as much as 8s to 500ms.

Issue: Networks that disconnect soon after connecting are less preferred.
Impact: Network selection is now less likely to choose a network where the device recently lost the connection quickly after getting connected.

WLAN drivers

Issue: Broadcom firmware was sending incorrect transfer ID in block acknowledgements.
Impact: The device firmware is working properly.

Issue: Multiple migration/installation/critical-component error reports from a device.
Impact: Disabled Wireless Network Management (WFM) firmware support.

Issue: Wi-fi transmit data path becoming stuck and causing link-down issues and only recovers sometimes.
Impact: Disabled multi-channel feature in firmware. Also, fixed an issue where the firmware failed to reset the flowcontrol bit.

System performance

Issue: Vsync showed significantly delayed interrupts.
Impact: Replaced PageQueues Spinlock with CriticalMutex so that interrupts are not delayed.

Issue: Significant time spent in O(n) accounting with preemption delays.
Impact: Improved page queue accounting and reporting.

Issue: Significant delays in application threads.
Impact: Improved accessed fault performance.

Issue: Page fault mapping.
Impact: Caches the last VmMapping used to resolve a PageFault as a quick check for future page faults.