Block device testing

Warning: All of the following tests are destructive, and they may not ask for confirmation before executing. Run at your own risk.

Protocol testing

blktest is an integration that may be used to check adherence to the block protocol.

$ blktest -d /dev/class/block/000

Filesystem testing

fs-test is a filesystem integration test suite that can be used to verify Fuchsia filesystem correctness on a filesystem.

To avoid racing with the auto-mounter, it is recommended to run this test with the kernel command line option “zircon.system.disable-automount=true”.

$ /boot/test/fs/fs-test -d /dev/class/block/000 -f minfs

Correctness testing

iochk is a tool that pseudorandomly reads and writes to a block device to check for errors.

$ iochk -bs 32k -t 8 /dev/class/block/000

Performance testing

iotime is a benchmarking tool that tests the read and write performance of block devices.

$ iotime read fifo /dev/class/block/000 64m 4k