The program fidl_api_summarize extracts FIDL API information from the FIDL intermediate representation files.


The first set, //tools, is needed to ensure that the testing utilities are present. Otherwise, fx test may not work. The second set, //src/lib/intl is only used in the “Example use” below.

fx set core.qemu-x64 --auto-dir --with=//tools


fx build tools/fidl/fidl_api_summarize


fx test tools/fidl/fidl_api_summarize


Build the tool first. Once built, the following command line in bash runs it.

fx fidl_api_summarize --help

Example use

The following script demonstrates the use of the program for summarizing an API of an in-tree FIDL library. It assumes that a FIDL IR file (fidl.fidl.json) is already existing. This should already be the case if you used the fx set command from the “Set” section above verbatim, or if you adjusted your existing set of packages to include //src/lib/intl.

readonly _build_dir="$(fx get-build-dir)"
mkdir -p "${HOME}/tmp"
fx build tools/fidl
"${_build_dir}/host_x64/fidl_api_summarize" \
  --output-file "$HOME/tmp/intl.api" \
  --fidl-ir-file \
    "${_build_dir}/fidling/gen/src/lib/intl/intl_property_provider_impl/fidl.fidl.json" \