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"program": { "binary": "bin/driver_manager" },
"use": [
{ "runner": "elf" },
{ "directory": "/bin", "rights": ["rx*"] },
{ "directory": "/blob", "rights": ["rw*"] },
{ "directory": "/boot", "rights": ["rx*"] },
{ "directory": "/hub", "rights": ["rw*"] },
{ "directory": "/minfs", "as": "/data", "rights": ["rw*"] },
{ "directory": "/pkgfs", "rights": ["rx*"] },
{ "directory": "/system", "rights": ["rx*"] },
// NOTE: /tmp needs admin rights because the bringup bots invoke a shell
// script via zircon.system.autorun that mounts a volume under /tmp to
// exfiltrate test results.
{ "directory": "/tmp", "rights": ["rw*", "admin"] },
// TODO: this directory is unused and can likely be deleted
{ "directory": "/install", "rights": ["rw*"] },
// TODO: this volume directory is only used by the paver lib in netsvc under
// driver_manager. The paver lib could create its own memfs instead, so
// this should eventually be removed.
{ "directory": "/volume", "rights": ["rw*", "admin"] },
{ "directory": "/system-delayed", "rights": ["rx*"] },
{ "protocol": [
// Services from bootsvc
// Services from console
// Services from sysinfo
// Builtin service
// Service from appmgr
// These are services from fshost that driver_manager uses directly
// These are services from fshost that show up in svchost
// The following are non-Zircon services that some zircon tests assume they
// can reach, and thus are proxied through svchost. This should mirror the
// list in //zircon/system/core/svchost/
"expose": [
// Device tree
{ "directory": "/dev", "from": "self", "rights": ["rw*"] },
// Services proxied by svchost
"protocol": [
"from": "self",