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// Copyright 2017 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <algorithm>
#include <ctime>
#include "generator.h"
#include "header_generator.h"
#include "vdso_wrapper_generator.h"
#include "abigen_generator.h"
using std::map;
using std::string;
using std::vector;
const map<string, string> user_attrs = {
{"noreturn", "__NO_RETURN"},
{"const", "__CONST"},
{"deprecated", "__DEPRECATE"},
// All vDSO calls are "leaf" in the sense of the GCC attribute.
// It just means they can't ever call back into their callers'
// own translation unit. No vDSO calls make callbacks at all.
{"*", "__LEAF_FN"},
const map<string, string> kernel_attrs = {
{"noreturn", "__NO_RETURN"},
static TestWrapper test_wrapper;
static BlockingRetryWrapper blocking_wrapper;
static vector<CallWrapper*> wrappers = {&test_wrapper, &blocking_wrapper};
static VdsoWrapperGenerator vdso_wrapper_generator(
"_zx_", // wrapper function name
"SYSCALL_zx_", // syscall implementation name
static KernelBranchGenerator kernel_branch;
static KernelWrapperGenerator kernel_wrappers(
"sys_", // function prefix
"wrapper_", // wrapper prefix
"ZX_SYS_"); // syscall numbers constant prefix
static bool skip_nothing(const Syscall&) {
return false;
static bool skip_internal(const Syscall& sc) {
return sc.is_internal();
static bool skip_vdso(const Syscall& sc) {
return sc.is_vdso();
static HeaderGenerator user_header(
"extern ", // function prefix
{"zx_", skip_internal},
{"_zx_", skip_internal},
"void", // no-args special type
false, // wrap pointers
static HeaderGenerator vdso_header(
"__LOCAL extern ", // function prefix
{"VDSO_zx_", skip_nothing},
{"SYSCALL_zx_", skip_vdso},
"void", // no-args special type
static HeaderGenerator kernel_header(
{"sys_", skip_vdso},
static VDsoAsmGenerator vdso_asm_generator(
"m_syscall", // syscall macro name
"zx_", // syscall name prefix
static SyscallNumbersGenerator syscall_num_generator("#define ZX_SYS_");
static RustBindingGenerator rust_binding_generator;
static TraceInfoGenerator trace_generator;
static CategoryGenerator category_generator;
static JsonGenerator json_generator;
const map<string, Generator&> type_to_generator = {
// The user header, pure C.
{"user-header", user_header},
// The vDSO-internal header, pure C. (VDsoHeaderC)
{"vdso-header", vdso_header},
// The kernel header, C++.
{"kernel-header", kernel_header},
// The kernel assembly branches and jump table.
{"kernel-branch", kernel_branch},
// The kernel C++ wrappers.
{"kernel-wrappers", kernel_wrappers},
// The assembly file for x86-64.
{"x86-asm", vdso_asm_generator},
// The assembly include file for ARM64.
{"arm-asm", vdso_asm_generator},
// A C header defining ZX_SYS_* syscall number macros.
{"numbers", syscall_num_generator},
// The trace subsystem data, to be interpreted as an array of structs.
{"trace", trace_generator},
// Rust bindings.
{"rust", rust_binding_generator},
// vDSO wrappers for additional behaviour in user space.
{"vdso-wrappers", vdso_wrapper_generator},
// Category list.
{"category", category_generator},
// JSON list of syscalls.
{"json", json_generator},
const map<string, string> type_to_default_suffix = {
{"user-header", ".user.h"},
{"vdso-header", ".vdso.h"},
{"kernel-header", ".kernel.h"},
{"kernel-branch", ".kernel-branch.S"},
{"kernel-wrappers", ""},
{"x86-asm", ".x86-64.S"},
{"arm-asm", ".arm64.S"},
{"numbers", ".syscall-numbers.h"},
{"trace", ""},
{"rust", ".rs"},
{"vdso-wrappers", ""},
{"category", ""},
{"json", ".json"},
const map<string, string>& get_type_to_default_suffix() {
return type_to_default_suffix;
const map<string, Generator&>& get_type_to_generator() {
return type_to_generator;
bool AbigenGenerator::AddSyscall(Syscall&& syscall) {
if (!syscall.validate())
return false;
syscall.requirements = pending_requirements_;
syscall.top_description = pending_top_description_;
pending_top_description_ = TopDescription();
return true;
bool AbigenGenerator::Generate(const map<string, string>& type_to_filename) {
for (auto& entry : type_to_filename) {
if (!generate_one(entry.second,, entry.first))
return false;
return true;
bool AbigenGenerator::verbose() const {
return verbose_;
void AbigenGenerator::AppendRequirement(Requirement&& req) {
void AbigenGenerator::SetTopDescription(TopDescription&& td) {
pending_top_description_ = std::move(td);
bool AbigenGenerator::generate_one(
const string& output_file, Generator& generator, const string& type) {
std::ofstream ofile;, std::ofstream::out);
if (!generator.header(ofile)) {
print_error("i/o error", output_file);
return false;
if (!std::all_of(calls_.begin(), calls_.end(),
[&generator, &ofile](const Syscall& sc) {
return generator.syscall(ofile, sc);
})) {
print_error("generation failed", output_file);
return false;
if (!generator.footer(ofile)) {
print_error("i/o error", output_file);
return false;
return true;
void AbigenGenerator::print_error(const char* what, const string& file) {
fprintf(stderr, "error: %s for %s\n", what, file.c_str());