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Dockyard Host

The dockyard_host is a host (developer machine) server that runs the Fuchsia System Monitor Dockyard without a GUI. The initial development is primarily for testing, though this could evolve into an independent host Dockyard.

To be effective, a dockyard needs a connection to a running harvester. The harvester will transmit sample data to the dockyard for storage.

To test

In one terminal window run

$ out/x64/host_x64/dockyard_host
Starting dockyard host
Server listening on

In a second terminal window run

$ killall -r qemu-; fx run -N -u $FUCHSIA_DIR/scripts/
<there will be a lot of output, after it calms down>
$ run fuchsia-pkg://

If the harvester is not able to connect to the dockyard_host, try using your host's local IP instead of (see ifconfig for your IP addresses).

See also: ../