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Fuchsia Camera Stack

While camera code follows the Fuchsia coding guide, we have added additional stylistic rules to ensure that all camera code remains consistent.

Code Layout

Camera code is layed out in the following fashion. Note that some code does not obey this layout; this represents the planned organization.

├── camera_manager
├── drivers
│   ├── camera_controller <- Provides a camera driver interface for the ISP and other hw
│   ├── common            <- for drivers that are related to cameras, like mipi
│   ├── hw_accel          <- For all hardware accelerators, scalars, etc.
│   ├── isp               <- For code relating to the actual isp block
│   │   ├── <isp_name>    <- Each ISP has a folder for device specific code
│   │   └── modules       <- shared ISP logic blocks go in modules
│   ├── sensors           <- For image sensors
│   ├── virtual           <- For virtual cameras, other mock devices
│   └── usb               <- For usb cameras implementing UVC
├── examples              <- Any examples of camera usages
└── e2e_tests             <- End to end tests of the camera stack

## Tests


With the exception of end-to-end tests, all camera tests shall be located in a
```test``` folder next to the code it tests.
The test source shall be named ```<object-of-test>```.
The ```meta``` folder for the test is located in the ```test``` directory.


bar ├── ├── └── foo.h    └── test        ├──        ├──        └── meta          └── foo_test.cmx

### Automation Tests shall be automated in one of 3 ways: * **Unit Tests** and **Integration Tests** shall be made into components that are part of the ```camera_full_test``` test package, defined in ```camera/```. These tests should be able to be run in Qemu. * **Driver Unit Tests** are built into drivers, and will be tested by <TBD>. * **Debug interfaces** shall provide fidl interfaces, which will be connected to by test programs. These programs shall be included in the ```camera_full_on_device_test``` test package, defined in ```camera/```. All such tests shall operate on any Fuchsia platform, and shall only run tests on appropriate devices. Tests should be written using the [gtest]( framework.