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//! Structures and functions to aid in various TUF data interchange formats.
pub(crate) mod cjson;
pub use cjson::{Json, JsonPretty};
use serde::de::DeserializeOwned;
use serde::ser::Serialize;
use std::fmt::Debug;
use crate::Result;
/// The format used for data interchange, serialization, and deserialization.
pub trait DataInterchange: Debug + PartialEq + Clone {
/// The type of data that is contained in the `signed` portion of metadata.
type RawData: Serialize + DeserializeOwned + Clone + PartialEq;
/// The data interchange's extension.
fn extension() -> &'static str;
/// A function that canonicalizes data to allow for deterministic signatures.
fn canonicalize(raw_data: &Self::RawData) -> Result<Vec<u8>>;
/// Deserialize from `RawData`.
fn deserialize<T>(raw_data: &Self::RawData) -> Result<T>
T: DeserializeOwned;
/// Serialize into `RawData`.
fn serialize<T>(data: &T) -> Result<Self::RawData>
T: Serialize;
/// Read a struct from a stream.
fn from_slice<T>(slice: &[u8]) -> Result<T>
T: DeserializeOwned;