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// Copyright 2019 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
using zx;
const MAX_DEVICE_REPORT_COUNT uint32 = 50;
/// The InputReport field to be populated by InputDevice.GetInputReport.
type DeviceType = flexible enum {
MOUSE = 0;
TOUCH = 2;
/// Each `InputReportsReader` has its own FIFO of InputReports that it maintains.
/// When ReadInputReports is called it drains the InputReports FIFO.
/// If too many InputReports are created before the FIFO is drained, then
/// the oldest InputReport will be silently discarded.
protocol InputReportsReader {
/// This is a Hanging-Get function to read the reports in the
/// InputReport FIFO. This will not reply until there is at least one
/// report available.
/// If there is already one outstanding Hanging-Get, calling this
/// again will return ZX_ERR_ALREADY_BOUND.
ReadInputReports() -> (struct {
reports vector<InputReport>:MAX_DEVICE_REPORT_COUNT;
}) error zx.status;
/// An `InputDevice` driver represents a single physical input device.
/// The InputDevice maintains an internal FIFO of `MAX_DEVICE_REPORT_COUNT`
/// reports for each client that connects. Reports are removed from the FIFO
/// once they are read by the client. If the FIFO is full, it will drop the
/// oldest report to make room for an incoming report.
protocol InputDevice {
/// Open a new InputReportsReader on this device. Each reader receives
/// their own reports.
GetInputReportsReader(resource struct {
reader server_end:InputReportsReader;
/// Gets the device descriptor for this device.
GetDescriptor() -> (struct {
descriptor DeviceDescriptor;
/// Send a single output report to the device. This will throw an error
/// if the output report does not follow the OutputDescriptor.
SendOutputReport(struct {
report OutputReport;
}) -> (struct {}) error zx.status;
/// Get the feature report for a given device. This requests the state of
/// the device's features.
GetFeatureReport() -> (struct {
report FeatureReport;
}) error zx.status;
/// Set the feature report for a given device. This sets the state of
/// the device's features.
SetFeatureReport(struct {
report FeatureReport;
}) -> (struct {}) error zx.status;
/// For general cases, InputReportReader is the preferred way of getting
/// InputReports. For devices that don't send InputReports naturally, this
/// method can be used to request a report from the device type indicated.
/// Does not block, and returns ZX_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED if `GetInputReport` or
/// `device_type` are not supported.
GetInputReport(struct {
device_type DeviceType;
}) -> (struct {
report InputReport;
}) error zx.status;