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// Copyright 2021 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
library fuchsia.driver.test;
using zx;
using fuchsia.diagnostics;
/// A driver name is the name defined in ZIRCON_DRIVER_BEGIN begin macro
/// for a specific driver.
alias DriverName = string:MAX;
type DriverLog = struct {
name DriverName;
log_level fuchsia.diagnostics.Severity;
/// A list of arguments that can be used to configure DriverTestRealm.
type RealmArgs = resource table {
/// This is what DriverManager will see as its boot directory.
/// Default: DriverTestRealm's package directory
1: boot;
/// The URL for the driver that will be bound to root.
/// Default: fuchsia-boot:///#driver/
/// NOTE: The test parent driver is not included by default. This must
/// be included in your package to work correctly.
2: root_driver string:MAX;
/// If this is true, then DriverManager will load DFv2 drivers.
/// Default: false
3: use_driver_framework_v2 bool;
/// If this is true, then DriverManager will enable the unit tests
/// for each driver that is loaded.
/// Default: false
4: driver_tests_enable_all bool;
/// If this is true, then DriverManager will enable the unit tests
/// for each driver in this vector.
/// Default: empty
5: driver_tests_enable vector<DriverName>:MAX;
/// If this is true, then DriverManager will disable the unit tests
/// for each driver in this vector. This overrides both a specific
/// request for enabling a test and the 'driver_tests_enable_all'
/// parameter.
/// Default: empty
6: driver_tests_disable vector<DriverName>:MAX;
/// Set a log level for the specific driver.
/// Default: Log levels are set to INFO
7: driver_log_level vector<DriverLog>:MAX;
/// Disable specific drivers. These drivers will not be bound or loaded.
/// Default: empty
8: driver_disable vector<DriverName>:MAX;
/// Specify drivers to bind 'eagerly'. This turns a driver that normally
/// binds as a fallback driver into a driver that will be bound normally.
/// Default: empty
9: driver_bind_eager vector<DriverName>:MAX;
/// Specify the board name that drivers are aware of.
/// Default: driver-integration-test
10: board_name string:MAX;
/// This protocol is for the DriverTestRealm. It is an integration test
/// framework for drivers.
protocol Realm {
/// Start the realm. Calling this will cause DriverTestRealm to start
/// servicing other protocols (like /dev/). `args` is used to configure
/// the DriverTestRealm.
/// Calling `Start` while the realm is already started will return ZX_ERR_ALREADY_BOUND.
Start(resource struct {
args RealmArgs;
}) -> (struct {}) error zx.status;