process - Process abstraction


A zircon process is an instance of a program in the traditional sense: a set of instructions that will be executed by one or more threads, along with a collection of resources.


The process object is a container of the following resources:

In general, it is associated with code, which it is executing until it is forcefully terminated or the program exits.

Processes are owned by jobs and allow an application that is composed by more than one process to be treated as a single entity, from the perspective of resource and permission limits, as well as lifetime control.

For more information, see Processes Overview.


A process is created via zx_process_create() and its execution begins with zx_process_start().

The process stops execution when:

  • the last thread is terminated or exits
  • the process calls zx_process_exit()
  • the parent job terminates the process
  • the parent job is destroyed

The call to zx_process_start() cannot be issued twice. New threads cannot be added to a process that was started and then its last thread has exited.