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Inspect Validator Dart Puppet

Reviewed on: 2019-09-19

Inspect Validator exercises Inspect libraries and evaluates the resulting VMOs for correctness and (soon) memory efficiency.

To do this, Validator controls “puppet” programs via FIDL, making them do the actual VMO manipulations using the Inspect library in the target languages.

This directory contains the Dart Puppet program.'s :tests target invokes the Validator on the Dart Puppet, and is integrated in CQ/CI.


This project can be added to builds by including --with //sdk/dart/fuchsia_inspect/test/validator_puppet:tests to the fx set invocation.

For example:

fx set core.x64 --with //src/diagnostics/validator/inspect:tests --with //sdk/dart/fuchsia_inspect/test/validator_puppet:tests


fx build && fx run-test inspect-validator-test-dart


See Running. Since the Validator puppet integration tests completely exercise the code in this Puppet, the Puppet does not include unit tests.

Source layout

lib/ contains the entry point main() which sets up a FIDL service and dispatches initialization commands and actions to the Dart Inspect library.