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NOTE: This is not a general purpose library. Clients should be aware of this library's limitations before using it.

This library provides a simple framebuffer abstraction on top of the Zircon display APIs. Applications can use this library to provide a low level UI on systems which lack a normal UI framework. Important: When a normal UI framework is running, this library will not be able to bind to the display.

The library supports two modes of operation: a single buffer mode where the library initializes the display hardware with a single, linear VMO that clients can then render to in place, and a page flip mode where the client can provide multiple VMO backed images and flip between them. Clients are responsible for ensuring buffers are kept coherent with main memory.

The library does not expose support for multiple monitors, hotplugging, modesetting, or 2D hardware composition. Applications which want these features should use the Zircon display APIs directly.