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GN integration for Zircon

TODO(BLD-353): This is a temporary solution to make selected modules from the separate Zircon GN build available to the Fuchsia GN build before the two builds are unified.

This directory hosts generated GN files for Zircon. These files are created automatically as part of the build by //build/zircon/ and should never be manually edited.

In order to expose a Zircon library() target to GN, set the sdk parameter:

  • shared: the module is exposed as a precompiled shared library;
  • static: the module is exposed as a precompiled static library;
  • source: the module‘s sources are published; It’s also mandatory to set the sdk_headers parameter. See library() in //zircon/public/gn/ for more details.

host_tool(), banjo_library(), and fidl_library() targets in Zircon are always exposed in //zircon/public/tool, //zircon/public/banjo, and //zircon/public/fidl respectively.

Libraries that expose a C++ interface (C++ classes, functions, etc in public headers) must be published as source, since there is no safe way to support a binary interface (ABI) in C++.

Libraries that expose a C interface (they may be implemented in C++) should be exposed as static or shared precompiled libraries.

Small helper libraries are usually exported as static. Larger libraries, especially ones that we'd expect to stabilize and be used by a wide variety of packages, generally should be shared, for better de-duplication during packaging and installation.