Create a demonstrative `Hello World` component.

This POC shows the current state of the bazel sdk and outlines some of
the work necessary to merge the different bazel sdk approaches.

Tested with the following commands: ```
bazel build --config=fuchsia_x64 //src/examples:examples_repository
ffx repository add-from-pm -r bazel-bin/src/examples/
ffx target reboot
ffx target repository register -r
ffx component run fuchsia-pkg:// --recreate

Bug: 90066

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The Flutter & Dart embedders (FDE) repo holds the source code for building the Fuchsia-specific Flutter & Dart embedders outside of fuchsia.git.

This repository is a work in progress and should be considered experimental.

Fetch submodules

This project uses git submodules. After checking out a branch run the git submodule command to update the dependencies.

git submodule update --init --recursive


Run scripts/ to fetch the fuchsia sdk and generate part of the bazel sdk. This will allow c++ components to be built.

The FDE repository uses Bazel as its build system. To ensure that you are using the version of Bazel that was tested in CQ/CI we recommend using bazelisk. You can either add bazelisk to your path or invoke it directly.

# Assumes that FDE_REPO is set to your checkout directory
export PATH="${FDE_REPO}/tools/bazel:$PATH"