Updating flutter-embedder.git's dependencies

Running an example in flutter-embedder.git has two sensitive dependencies:

  1. The Fuchsia SDK, which is used by flutter-embedder.git, Flutter Engine and the Dart SDK.

    • The Fuchsia SDK used by flutter-embedder.git must be around the same version as the Fuchsia SDK used by flutter-embedder.git's Flutter Engine artifacts, which come from a separate repository, or compile-time errors can occur from failing to link symbols.
  2. The Dart SDK, which is used by Flutter Engine and the Flutter Framework.

    • A Flutter app must be built using the same Dart SDK as the Flutter Engine, or a crash will occur on startup.

As a result, we update the flutter-embedder.git's dependencies on the Fuchsia SDK, Flutter Framework and Flutter Engine at the same time to keep:

  1. flutter-embedder.git and Flutter Engine using roughly the same version of the Fuchsia SDK, and

  2. Flutter Engine and Flutter Framework using the exact same version of the Dart SDK.

This can be done by running the following command:


After updating the SDK, you should update your product bundle (ffx product-bundle get workstation_eng.qemu-x64) and restart any running emulators and package servers as old images may be incompatible with the updated SDK. To do this automatically, run:

$FUCHSIA_EMBEDDER_DIR/scripts/update_dependencies.sh --cleanup

Future improvements

update_dependencies.sh should ensure that flutter-embedder.git and Flutter Engine use the exact same version of the Fuchsia SDK instead of roughly the same version.