Additional setup for Windows (experimental)

These are experimental instructions build and run the Flutter embedder on WSL2 in Windows. They are experimental instructions because we don't regularly test this workflow. If you encounter an issue, please file a bug at

These instructions assume you are using WSL's built-in version of Ubuntu.

  1. Follow to make KVM work in WSL, which is required for the emulator to work. This requires installing Open SUSE but the rest of these instructions assume you are using Ubuntu after you've finished building and installing your custom kernel for WSL.

  2. Install gcc:

    sudo apt install gcc
  3. Install qemu for KVM and give yourself access to KVM:

    sudo apt install qemu-kvm
    sudo chown $USER -R /dev/kvm
  4. Setup TUN for qemu:

    sudo tunctl -t qemu -u $USER

You should now be able to follow the rest of the setup instructions in the main