Workflow scripts

This folder contains several scripts for handling common workflows in the embedder directory.

Each script in //scripts should be runnable following instructions documented at the top of the script. Helper variables and functions should go under //scripts/lib/ instead.

Testing changes

Because some of these workflows involve mutating the state of this repository and other repositories like the Flutter Engine repository, we recommend backing up your local changes first before running these tests.

To locally verify that common workflows are still working correctly after changes to the scripts, run:


This will run all scripts called tests/*, testing various workflows and failing at the first error.

You can also run local tests for a specific workflow script by running the corresponding * script. For example:


Because these workflow tests make frequent calls to the internet, they do not run on CQ. If you're interested in running workflow tests on CQ, see for a WIP prototype of testing the workflows using Bazel.