fidldev is a FIDL development workflow tool. Its goal is to automate repetitive processes while working on FIDL code, like running tests based on changed files, and regenerating golden files. It is also meant to be the source of truth for FIDL code locations and tests/regen commands.

Running fidldev:

$FIDLMISC_DIR/fidldev/ --help

This can be aliased for convenienced:

alias fidldev=$FIDLMISC_DIR/fidldev/

Note that fidldev should be run from a valid repo (e.g. fuchsia.git, topaz, or third_party/go) in order to correctly detect changes, similar to fx format-code.

Testing fidldev:

python3 $FIDLMISC_DIR/fidldev/ -b

The -b flag will separate stdout output when printing test results. It can be removed when using debugging print statements in the test itself.