Fuchsia Experiences Repository

This is a companion repository to Fuchsia and contains code that either implements or supports user facing code for the Fuchsia platform. The code provides a majority of the user interface for the Workstation product as well as a small set of examples, tests, and benchmarks.

Build & Run

This repository is a “source petal” included in the Fuchsia Platform Source Tree (FPST) checkout. Code in this repository must be built with Fuchsia in order to be functional, see (the guide)[https://fuchsia.dev/fuchsia-src/development/source_code] for instructions on getting the source.


Hardware support should be considered experimental. However, NUC's and Pixelbooks are known to work best. For details on hardware setup see: (Install Fuchsia on a Device)[https://fuchsia.dev/fuchsia-src/development/hardware/paving]


Once you have functional checkout you can (configure a build)[https://fuchsia.dev/fuchsia-src/development/build/fx#configure-a-build] targeting Workstation:

    fx set workstation.<board> # For options run: `fx list-boards`
    fx build

See Fuchsia's (build and pave instructions)[https://fuchsia.dev/fuchsia-src/development/build/build_and_pave_quickstart] for detailed instructions.


Once built, standard Fuchsia workflows for paving, running code, and testing apply. See: (fx workflows)[https://fuchsia.dev/fuchsia-src/development/build/fx] for detailed instructions.