Revert "[ermine] disable clipping to unblock roller"

This reverts commit 1a69bda7be8bbe2d48e9a8f4e581bf7fc0b204fd.

Reason for revert: The flutter team reverted the change that required the hard transition. Waiting for the soft transition change to land so we can do this without breaking the UI.

Original change's description:
> [ermine] disable clipping to unblock roller
> The flutter roller is failing because of a breaking
> API change. This code can be uncommented once the
> roll has landed.
> Note: this may cause some visual glitches until the roll happens.
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Fuchsia Experiences Repository

This is a companion repository to Fuchsia and contains code that either implements or supports user facing code for the Fuchsia platform. The code provides a majority of the user interface for the Workstation product as well as a small set of examples, tests, and benchmarks.

Build & Run

This repository is a “source petal” included in the Fuchsia Platform Source Tree (FPST) checkout. Code in this repository must be built with Fuchsia in order to be functional, see (the guide)[] for instructions on getting the source.


Hardware support should be considered experimental. However, NUC's and Pixelbooks are known to work best. For details on hardware setup see: (Install Fuchsia on a Device)[]


Once you have functional checkout you can (configure a build)[] targeting Workstation:

    fx set workstation.<board> # For options run: `fx list-boards`
    fx build

See Fuchsia's (build and pave instructions)[] for detailed instructions.


Once built, standard Fuchsia workflows for paving, running code, and testing apply. See: (fx workflows)[] for detailed instructions.