The reference section provides the following material:

  • Attributes — describes the available FIDL attributes
  • Compiler — describes the organization of the compiler
  • Editors — discusses support for FIDL in IDEs and stand-alone editors
  • FIDL Tuning Proposals — accepted and rejected changes for FIDL
  • Grammar — the FIDL grammar
  • JSON IR — a tour of the JSON Intermediate Representation (JSON IR) generator
  • Language — defines the syntax of the FIDL language
  • Wire Format — details the byte-by-byte organization of data
  • Host — summary of the parts of FIDL that are allowed on host

Readability rubric

Fuchsia has adopted a readability rubric for FIDL libraries.








See the tutorial to learn about FIDL service development.

FIDL Plugins exist for multiple editors and IDEs. See the editor page to learn more.

FIDL Tuning Proposals

Substantial changes to FIDL (whether the language, the wire format, or language bindings) are described in FIDL Tuning Proposals. These decisions are recorded here for posterity. This includes both accepted and rejected designs. FTP-001 describes the proposal process itself. Use the template when starting a new proposal.