Fuchsia Source

Fuchsia uses the jiri tool to manage git repositories https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/jiri. This tool manages a set of repositories specified by a manifest.

For how to build, see Fuchsia's Getting Started doc.

Creating a new checkout

The bootstrap procedure requires that you have Go 1.6 or newer and Git installed and on your PATH.

First, select the layer of the system you wish to build. (If you're unsure, select topaz, which contains the lower layers). Then, run the following command:

curl -s "https://fuchsia.googlesource.com/scripts/+/master/bootstrap?format=TEXT" | base64 --decode | bash -s <layer>

This script will bootstrap a development environment for the given layer in a directory named after the layer. Upon success, the script should print a message recommending that you add the .jiri_root/bin directory to your PATH (which you should do).

Working without altering your PATH

If you don‘t like having to mangle your environment variables, and you want jiri to “just work” depending on your current working directory, just copy jiri into your PATH. However, you must have write access (without sudo) to the directory into which you copy jiri. If you don’t, then jiri will not be able to keep itself up-to-date.

cp .jiri_root/bin/jiri ~/bin

To use the fx tool, you can either symlink it into your ~/bin directory:

ln -s `pwd`/scripts/fx ~/bin

or just run the tool directly as scripts/fx.