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// Copyright 2017 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <memory>
#include <mutex>
#include <string>
#include <utility>
#include <vector>
#include "src/lib/util/protected_fields.h"
#include "src/logger/internal_metrics.h"
#include "src/pb/common.pb.h"
#include "src/pb/observation_batch.pb.h"
#include "src/registry/metric_definition.pb.h"
namespace cobalt::system_data {
struct SoftwareDistributionInfo {
std::optional<std::string> realm;
std::optional<std::string> channel;
// An abstraction of the interface to SystemData that allows mocking in
// tests.
class SystemDataInterface {
virtual ~SystemDataInterface() = default;
// Returns the SystemProfile for the current system.
[[nodiscard]] virtual const SystemProfile& system_profile() const = 0;
// Resets the experiment state to the one provided.
virtual void SetExperimentState(std::vector<Experiment> experiments) = 0;
// Returns a vector with all experiments the system has a notion of.
[[nodiscard]] virtual const std::vector<Experiment>& experiments() const = 0;
// Resets the current channel value.
virtual void SetChannel(const std::string& channel) = 0;
// Resets the current realm value.
virtual void SetRealm(const std::string& realm) = 0;
// Resets the current software distribution info.
virtual void SetSoftwareDistributionInfo(SoftwareDistributionInfo info) = 0;
// Returns the current channel.
[[nodiscard]] virtual const std::string& channel() const = 0;
// Returns the current realm.
[[nodiscard]] virtual const std::string& realm() const = 0;
// Returns the current ReleaseStage.
[[nodiscard]] virtual const ReleaseStage& release_stage() const = 0;
// Resets the internal metrics to use the provided logger.
virtual void ResetInternalMetrics(logger::InternalMetrics* internal_metrics) = 0;
virtual void OnChange(std::function<void()> callback) = 0;
// The embedding client creates a singleton instance of SystemData at start-up
// time and uses it to query data about the client's running system. There
// are two categories of data: static data about the system encapsulated in
// the SystemProfile, and dynamic stateful data about the running system.
class SystemData : public SystemDataInterface {
// Constructor: Uses the real SystemProfile of the actual running system.
// |product_name|: The value to use for the |product_name| field of the
// embedded SystemProfile.
// |board_name_suggestion|: A suggestion for the value to use for the
// |board_name| field of the embedded SystemProfile. This may be ignored if
// SystemData is able to determine the boardh name directly. A value of ""
// indicates that the caller has no information about board name, so one
// should be guessed.
// |release_stage|: The ReleaseStage of the running system.
// |build_type|: The BuildType of the running system.
// |version|: The version of the running system. The use of this field is
// system-specific. For example on Fuchsia a possible value for |version| is
// "20190220_01_RC00".
SystemData(const std::string& product_name, const std::string& board_name_suggestion,
ReleaseStage release_stage, const std::string& version = "",
SystemProfile::BuildType build_type = SystemProfile::UNKNOWN_TYPE);
~SystemData() override = default;
// Returns a vector with all experiments the system has a notion of.
const std::vector<Experiment>& experiments() const override {
auto unprotected_experiments = protected_experiments_.const_lock();
return unprotected_experiments->experiments;
// Returns the SystemProfile for the current system.
const SystemProfile& system_profile() const override { return system_profile_; }
// Resets the experiment state to the one provided.
void SetExperimentState(std::vector<Experiment> experiments) override {
auto unprotected_experiments = protected_experiments_.lock();
unprotected_experiments->experiments = std::move(experiments);
// Resets the current channel value.
void SetChannel(const std::string& channel) override;
const std::string& channel() const override { return; }
// Resets the current realm value.
void SetRealm(const std::string& realm) override;
const std::string& realm() const override { return system_profile_.realm(); }
void SetSoftwareDistributionInfo(SoftwareDistributionInfo info) override;
const ReleaseStage& release_stage() const override { return release_stage_; }
void ResetInternalMetrics(logger::InternalMetrics* internal_metrics) override;
void OnChange(std::function<void()> callback) override;
// Overrides the stored SystemProfile. Useful for testing.
void OverrideSystemProfile(const SystemProfile& profile);
void PopulateSystemProfile();
void NotifyChange();
SystemProfile system_profile_;
logger::InternalMetricsPtr internal_metrics_;
struct UnprotectedExperiments {
std::vector<Experiment> experiments;
util::RWProtectedFields<UnprotectedExperiments> protected_experiments_;
ReleaseStage release_stage_;
std::vector<std::function<void()>> change_callbacks_;
} // namespace cobalt::system_data
namespace cobalt::encoder {
using system_data::SystemData;
using system_data::SystemDataInterface;
} // namespace cobalt::encoder