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// Copyright 2023 The Fuchsia Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
mod config;
mod driver;
mod env;
mod finder;
mod net;
mod runner;
mod yaml;
use crate::driver::infra::{InfraDriver, InfraDriverError};
use crate::runner::ExitStatus;
use std::fs::File;
use std::path::PathBuf;
use std::{fs, process::ExitCode};
use anyhow::{Context, Result};
use argh::FromArgs;
use serde_yaml;
use serde_yaml::Value;
/// antlion runner with config generation
struct Args {
/// name of the Fuchsia device to use for testing; defaults to using mDNS
/// discovery
device: Option<String>,
/// path to the SSH binary used to communicate with all devices
#[argh(option, from_str_fn(parse_file))]
ssh_binary: PathBuf,
/// path to the SSH private key used to communicate with Fuchsia; defaults
/// to ~/.ssh/fuchsia_ed25519
#[argh(option, from_str_fn(parse_file))]
ssh_key: Option<PathBuf>,
/// path to the FFX binary used to communicate with Fuchsia
#[argh(option, from_str_fn(parse_file))]
ffx_binary: PathBuf,
/// path to the python interpreter binary (e.g. /bin/python3.9)
python_bin: String,
/// path to the antlion zipapp, ending in .pyz
#[argh(option, from_str_fn(parse_file))]
antlion_pyz: PathBuf,
/// path to a directory for outputting artifacts; defaults to the current
/// working directory or FUCHSIA_TEST_OUTDIR
#[argh(option, from_str_fn(parse_directory))]
out_dir: Option<PathBuf>,
/// path to additional YAML config for this test; placed in the
/// "test_params" key in the antlion config
#[argh(option, from_str_fn(parse_file))]
test_params: Option<PathBuf>,
/// list of test cases to run; defaults to all test cases
test_cases: Vec<String>,
fn parse_file(s: &str) -> Result<PathBuf, String> {
let path = PathBuf::from(s);
let _ = File::open(&path).map_err(|e| format!("Failed to open \"{s}\": {e}"))?;
fn parse_directory(s: &str) -> Result<PathBuf, String> {
let path = PathBuf::from(s);
let meta =
std::fs::metadata(&path).map_err(|e| format!("Failed to read metadata of \"{s}\": {e}"))?;
if meta.is_file() {
return Err(format!("Expected a directory but found a file at \"{s}\""));
fn run<R, D>(runner: R, driver: D, test_params: Option<Value>) -> Result<ExitCode>
R: runner::Runner,
D: driver::Driver,
let mut config = driver.config();
if let Some(params) = test_params {
let yaml =
serde_yaml::to_string(&config).context("Failed to convert antlion config to YAML")?;
let output_path = driver.output_path().to_path_buf();
let config_path = output_path.join("config.yaml");
println!("Writing {}", config_path.display());
fs::write(&config_path, yaml).context("Failed to write config to file")?;
let exit_code ="Failed to run antlion")?;
match exit_code {
ExitStatus::Ok => println!("Antlion successfully exited"),
ExitStatus::Err(code) => eprintln!("Antlion failed with status code {}", code),
ExitStatus::Interrupt(Some(code)) => eprintln!("Antlion interrupted by signal {}", code),
ExitStatus::Interrupt(None) => eprintln!("Antlion interrupted by signal"),
driver.teardown().context("Failed to teardown environment")?;
fn main() -> Result<ExitCode> {
let args: Args = argh::from_env();
let env = env::LocalEnvironment;
let runner = runner::ProcessRunner {
python_bin: args.python_bin,
antlion_pyz: args.antlion_pyz,
test_cases: args.test_cases,
let test_params = match args.test_params {
Some(path) => {
let text = fs::read_to_string(&path)
.with_context(|| format!("Failed to read file \"{}\"", path.display()))?;
let yaml = serde_yaml::from_str(&text)
.with_context(|| format!("Failed to parse \"{text}\" as YAML"))?;
None => None,
match InfraDriver::new(env, args.ssh_binary.clone(), args.ffx_binary.clone()) {
Ok(env) => return run(runner, env, test_params),
Err(InfraDriverError::NotDetected(_)) => {}
Err(InfraDriverError::Config(e)) => {
return Err(anyhow::Error::from(e).context("Config validation"))
Err(InfraDriverError::Other(e)) => {
return Err(anyhow::Error::from(e).context("Unexpected infra driver error"))
let env = driver::local::LocalDriver::new::<finder::MulticastDns>(
.context("Failed to detect local environment")?;
run(runner, env, test_params)