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A program to run antlion locally and in infrastructure. Includes a config generator with mDNS discovery and sensible defaults.

Using locally with an emulator

Running antlion locally with a Fuchsia emulator allows developers to perform a sanity checks on their changes. Running this way is very quick (~5 seconds) and can spot simple mistakes before code review!

  1. Build Fuchsia with antlion support
    jiri update -gc # if you haven't updated in a while
    fx set workstation_eng_paused.qemu-x64 \
       --with-host //third_party/antlion:e2e_tests \
       --with-host //third_party/antlion:tests \
       --with //src/testing/sl4f
    fx build # if you haven't built in a while
  2. Start the package server. Keep this running in the background.
    fx serve
  3. In a separate terminal, start the emulator with access to external networks.
    ffx emu stop && ffx emu start -H --net tap && ffx log
  4. In a separate terminal, run a test
    fx test --e2e --output //third_party/antlion:sl4f_sanity_test

Note: Local testing with auxiliary devices is not supported by antlion runner. Use antlion directly for these cases; see the antlion README.


fx set core.qemu-x64 --with //vendor/google/build/python/antlion/runner:tests
fx test --output //vendor/google/build/python/antlion/runner:runner_test