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Fuchsia Web View

This repository contains the Fuchsia-specific code wrapping the web view class from third_party/webkit/Source/WebKit/fuchsia/WebView.h.

To get the source for the web view:

    cd apps
    git clone

To get the prebuilt dependencies:

    cd apps/web_view

After that, to build:

    ./packages/gn/ -m default,web_view
    ./buildtools/ninja -C out/debug-x86-64

Once built, load the user.bootfs on your device as normal.

Once in a non-mxsh shell

    launch web_view

You can pass a URL as a parameter to the launch. Control-C will exit the web module.

Updating the Prebuilts

Follow the instructions at to build webkit. Then

./ -p -l

to build the release version of webkit and copy it, the webview header and all of the dependencies to ./prebuilt.

Edit prebuilt.tag and replace the git commit hash in that file with the one for the latest commit in the webkit directory. Then


Commit the changed prebuild.tag file and the next time web_view users update they will get the updated prebuilts.