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  1. 2ca3577 Pass the path to pub to the importer script. by P.Y. Laligand · 4 days ago master
  2. d610f36 Use the version of the front_end package under //dart. by P.Y. Laligand · 7 days ago
  3. 378a366 Update Dart dependencies by David Murphy · 7 days ago
  4. 89696ef Update dependencies - add graphlib for mondrian by David Murphy · 11 days ago
  5. c5647d1 Use the PyYAML library to generate the import manifest. by P.Y. Laligand · 3 weeks ago

Fuchsia Dart package mirror repository

This repository contains a copy of Dart packages used in the rest of Fuchsia that are mirrored from other locations, such as

importer/third_party contains a copy of PyYAML 3.12 from