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  1. fae71d7 Pass socket on both stdin and stdout now that we have socket cloning. by Ian McKellar · 3 weeks ago master
  2. 1902ffc Allow multiple connections. by Ian McKellar · 3 weeks ago
  3. 97e9664 Switch from select(2) to mtl::MessageLoop(). by Ian McKellar · 3 weeks ago
  4. 5aa2655 Pass the socket as stdin, remove legacy buffering code. by Ian McKellar · 4 weeks ago
  5. 99b6d92 Listen on IPv6 too. by Ian McKellar · 7 weeks ago


This implements a simple program that listens for connections on a particular TCP port and spawns a program for each connection. Connecting the socket to mxio stdin and passing the parent's stdout & stderr.

It's currently not possible to pass the socket as more than one start-up handle.